I started out in the corporate world when very few women were in management.   I found that women, both then and still today, struggle with being "seen" and acknowledged for their skills in the workplace; they "give away" all their time, knowledge and energy hoping to gain recognition and advancement.  Often the effort involved in juggling multiple roles result in becoming a scapegoat.

Unbelievably, women are still not gaining advancement in their careers. They instinctively know that they are in positions where they are under-employed, and unsure how to move to the next level. My focus is helping women who are in the corporate environment to effectively communicate and ultimately position themselves for recognition and for advancement.

After 30 years of mastering the corporate chessboard and personally mentoring dozens of women, I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible to step into their confidence and power, and achieve career success.  


Feeling stuck, undervalued and unsure of your next steps?

If you feel:

  • Ignored, devalued and seem "invisible", I show how to be recognized.
  • Over whelmed by tasks, I show you how to go from the "give it to" person to the "go to" person".
  • Feel like you are being set up for failure, I show you how to control your circumstances and not be controlled by them.
  • Repeatedly, not considered for advancement, I show you how to shine.
  • Unsure about your value, I show you how "own" it.


My clients clearly know their personal value, set boundaries, lead by example and separate themselves from the pack and position themselves for advancement and compensation.  


Peter F, Drucker once said that, “If you want to predict the future, create it.”


Want to create your future?

Stand out and shine a light on your expertise and present yourself like a pro -- even under pressure

  • Drop your negative thinking, Step Up, & Stand Out: Learn the secret to knowing owning and promoting your worth!
  • Rev your engines: Your confidence will sky rocket when you discover how to set boundaries and move from the ‘give-it-to’ to the ‘go to’ person!
  • Learn Tools to Promote Your Worth: Gain insights on how to communicate effectively to get what you want, need and deserve!
  • Discover the tactical and practical tools to guide you through the corporate chess game and build powerful relationships that support your career!


Learn the simple tools that will take you to higher levels and higher compensation.

  •  Go from scapegoat to star at work.
  •  Set boundaries and command authority.
  •  Stand out, get recognized and be compensated.
  •  Claim your worth from the inside out.


I have a step-by-step plan for getting what you need, want and deserve in the workplace. 


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