Go From Scapegoat to Superstar!


Promote Your Inner Value – NOW!


Deep inside you know what you’re worth – but do you know how to shine a light on your skills and get others to jump aboard the YAY YOU bandwagon? We get nervous when we’re put on the spot to talk positively about ourselves but that nonsense ENDS TODAY!


The Go From Scapegoat to Superstar: A Handbook of Career Transforming Tactics for Businesswomen is packed with transformative, in-depth content you can use immediately to up-level your career. I will be sharing her proven formulas along with Action Steps to help you develop into the confident, empowered woman you are meant to be.

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Go From Scapegoat to Superstar Handbook Introduction from Barbara-Ann Yates on Vimeo.

STOP the negative thinking! SILENCE the inner critic! PUSH haters aside so you can step into the light! You CAN position yourself for advancement and create a wildly successful career and this handbook can be the breakthrough moment you need to get started!

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Soar Higher and Get the Compensation You Deserve!
• Go from scapegoat to star at work
• Set boundaries and command authority
• Stand out, get recognized and be compensated
• Claim your value from the inside out

Click here to purchase your copy on Amazon


Barbara-Ann – This is where the game changes!
I created Womaneuvers to give women a step-by-step plan for getting what they need, want and deserve in the workplace. I have personally coached and mentored dozens of women to career success. After 30 years of mastering “the corporate game,” I am on a mission to teach and empower women to do the same.