Meet Barbara-Ann Yates, Expert Mentor and Consultant for Women in Business

Barbara-Ann Yates is a consultant and mentor for women in business. As founder and president of Yates Associates LLC, Barbara-Ann specializes in helping women maneuver the corporate chessboard by giving them the tools they need for empowerment, confidence, and career transformation. After years of mastering “the corporate” game, she is now on a mission to show other women how to do the same.

In both group and one on one mentoring sessions, she teaches the exact changes that they need to make to move forward in their careers.

She gives women a step-by-step plan for getting what they need, want and deserve in the workplace.

Prior to starting Yates Associates, LLC., Barbara-Ann enjoyed a successful career as an information security consultant, advising multi-million dollar companies and government agencies on the design, management and implementation of high-level information security systems. An expert in strategic management and team leadership, Barbara-Ann built top performing network engineering teams. As their manager, Barbara-Ann mentored each member to achieve some of the corporation’s highest recognition leading to increased compensation and promotions.

Barbara-Ann earned a Lesley University  School of Management Masters and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

To learn more about group and individual mentoring with Barbara-Ann please call

603.868.1821 or email  barbaraann@womaneuvers.net