First and foremost, I am committed to giving back to causes that are dear to my heart.    Secondly, no one does this alone.  Those people who have been my go to resources are listed as well. Thirdly, books that I have had some impact on me offered for your consideration.


I pledge that 10% of our after tax profits will go to one or more of the following charities:


From My  Bookshelf

Here are some books from my personal collection.   Perhaps they will be of value to you as well.    The books will change from time to time.  So please revisit this resource section.


My Go to Resources for Support 

The Conscious Collaborative.   The Consciousness Collaborative is a network of practitioners guiding clients toward greater personal awareness. They offer a variety of growth and healing modalities to support a heightened connection to consciousness. And Joanne Lutz at


Kristen Ulmer.    With a background in Zen and movement based psychological work, as a former world class professional skier and renowned extreme athlete; Kristen combines all her experiences and shares them in events geared toward Mindset Sports Coaching. She helped me to see my unconscious habitual patterns that were no longer required and helped me to become unstuck.  If you are an athlete, this approach may be of value to you.


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