“Hi Barbara-Ann! I wanted you to know that I finally broke out of my comfort zone, got a new job and got a 31k pay increase! I wanted to tell you because a conversation we had gave me the confidence to break free of my norm and do something different. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!”
Lisa N. Burlington, MA


“Barbara-Ann has helped me take my career to higher levels, with progressive increases in responsibility and compensation. Through her coaching, I negotiated a $20,000 increase in a job offer. As to career progression, she has an innate sense on how to guide your career progression.  Barbara-Ann teaches you the “boardroom” negotiation and communication skills you need to succeed.” 

Susan K. Pittsburgh, PA


As a Registered Nurse by profession, I found myself settling for unrewarding and unfulfilling jobs. I realized that I needed to make a serious change in my life as I was fast approaching my late 40’s with no definitive plans for my future.  It was obvious I needed some help.   A mutual friend recommended I contact Barbara-Ann, as she had given her some tools that she felt may benefit me.   My first meeting with Barbara-Ann left me feeling like I had met with a cherished friend.  When it was time to end our session, her parting words were, “Every day, I want you to tell yourself, ‘You Matter’.  She seemed to instinctively be able to pin point the reasons why I may have been having problems with my personal and professional life.  We met a few more times and she helped me set clear boundaries and re-structure my life which resulted in my finding my dream job.  Every meeting ended with her telling me “You Matter.”

 “I can finally say after using the tools Barbara-Ann showed me, my life has been filled with a ton of new and exciting changes. All for the good. I have been at my job for almost 2 years now. Recently, during a major snowstorm, I found myself in charge of the entire OR. We were short-staffed and I had to coordinate an extremely busy schedule.  I must admit I immediately went into panic mode but instinctively called Barbara-Ann for advice.  She gave me clear instructions and explained that I needed to prioritize and work through the issues on hand one by one.  At the end of the conversation I automatically felt relieved and able to handle the difficult task ahead.  Shortly after, I was called into the Management office. I had a bad feeling that they did not like the way I handled myself that day. Imagine my surprise when, I was congratulated by my Supervisor and given a $10k annual raise for my performance on that day and it was retro-active to my date of hire. As an added bonus, I received company wide recognition for going above and beyond my duties.   I owe my newfound success to Barbara-Ann for helping me to develop the tools I needed to achieve everything I wanted in both my professional and personal life.

Laureen J. Everett, MA


“I contacted Barbara-Ann when the situation at work was becoming so unbearable, I contemplated quitting. She saw the issue and outlined key points for me to address with senior management in response to an email from my immediate manager. I followed her guidance. That ONE email changed how I was treated and respected. Within a two-month period, I went from having to walk on egg shells to being treated as a team player. Shortly after my email to management, a bonus program was implemented – the criteria for achievement was not known to us. As a result of asserting myself, and due to my work ethic, I was the only one who received the performance bonuses.

Because I asserted myself, not only did I gain management’s recognition, but I was treated more as a team leader by my peers and many sought my advice on how to handle their own conflict.

I pride myself on my work ethic and performance. The level of disrespect that I received was intolerable and was wearing me down. I was internalizing all my frustrations and Barbara-Ann helped me resolve the conflicts in a professional way without letting my emotions control the situation.

Not only did that one email change how I was treated but resulted in over $5,000 in additional income within a TWO-month period. Barbara-Ann’s clear guidance gave me the courage to take action. I am glad that I did. “

Darlene, B. Derry, NH


 “After 45 years in retail and having owned a successful store, I decided to take the leap into consulting, “Barbara-Ann gave me tools and insights as to how to proceed. She laid out the steps in a clear way but still allowed for my individual creative input. She asked questions and listened to me. She helped me to “see” and own my value and as a result, I had a “major understanding” moment of what my experience was worth, how to quantify it and how to present this to a major client.

I have not only a clear understanding of how to negotiate this contract but how to create a win-win for the client and my favorite charity. By knowing my worth and what value I bring to the client, I was able to draft a strategy that would leverage my success in supporting the client with a commitment from the client to support the local charity. I win a major contract, the client gets favorable publicity and my charity gets support. Win-win all the way around.”

Lindy. H. Portsmouth, NH


“Thank you for presenting at the SWN meeting. I heard from several members that you were the best speaker we have ever had!  You did an excellent job and made such a connection with members. I especially liked how you related the recognition of our strengths back to networking and how it can help us improve and grow our incomes!”

Heather B. Portsmouth, NH


“I just wanted to say thanks again on behalf of Deborah and LCAL for your presentation last night.  It was really great and very informative.  Several of the participants hung around for more than a half hour afterwards, talking about their personal situations and how they want to take greater control of their lives.  I think your message and delivery really inspired them (and me too!).”

Brian G.  Lesley University


The Esteem and Power session offered to students at the Urban Scholars Initiative Summer Transition Week at Lesley University was nothing short of inspiring. Barbara-Ann Yates was a dynamic speaker who is easy to connect with. She not only delivered an informative presentation she embodied all that she was impressing upon the students. She was relatable and helped students unlock their own self-confidence. Students mentioned her session as a highlight of their intensive week. We would love to have Barbara-Ann Yates join us next summer as well.” 

Maritsa Barros, Lesley University.


 “Barbara-Ann and the application of her ‘Tools’ has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. I urge anyone to avail themselves of this transformative experience. You will never be the same!”

Pamela G. Carlisle MA


“Barbara-Ann – I have to tell you, I am still in my Zen state from your talk – came out of my circle just a little bit here and there BUT! I caught myself. I think I would have had several mini-meltdowns, perturbed moments, etc. if I didn’t hear your talk. Life is filled with these little incidents that challenge you every single day – now; I use several of “your tools.” I, too, will recommend you as a speaker to any of my professional groups should the opportunity occur.”

Andrea G. Boston, MA


“I enjoyed your presentation very much. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from the skills which you teach!”

Douglas B. Nashua, NH


“She has helped me immensely and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the wonderful gift she has to offer. Barbara-Ann’s ability to communicate using her sense of humor, her compassion to help others, and her passion for life, allows her to present these tools in a way that will benefit people in all walks of life.”

JoAnn W. Colorado Springs, CO


“Day after day, she gave me the tools to change my behaviour without never pushing me to understand what I was not ready to hear and of course understand. She was just putting stone after stone to allow me to build a better future for me. She has really been crucial in my evolution to peace.  The distance has never been a problem. For sure, with Barbara-Ann, you will know how to believe in you to get your needs and to get a best and more serene daily life.”

Chantal B. Paris, France


“Barbara-Ann has the ability to pinpoint the actual problem instead of addressing the symptoms.  Her understanding of real life issues and what is needed to view the solution, gives her the ability to clearly convey new strategies for changing your future.”

Sandra B. Portsmouth, RI


“Barbara-Ann has often helped me work out issues that I have had to face. Her skill in suggesting diplomatic solutions is outstanding. I would highly recommend her as a coach because she not only cares about people but also has the innate ability to problem solve.”

Marianne P. Lynnfield, MA


“Barbara-Ann is a critical resource to contact during times of career opportunities and challenges. She has a unique blend of skills that help to guide you through your journey. Here, she asks you difficult questions, inspiring you to think about what you want out of a career as well as your life balance. Lastly, she brings and exuberance to your interaction, leaving you inspired to act on her recommendations and achieve your highest potential.”

Susan K. Hartford, CT


“Barbara-Ann is a sensitive, supportive, diplomatic, extraordinarily articulate mentor and coach. Barbara-Ann has given me the tools, which work equally well both in my business and in my personal life, to address issues in ways that achieve positive results and enhance everybody’s self-esteem, always minimizing and frequently completely avoiding discord and enhancing the cohesiveness of future interactions. She does this with explanations and specific verbal examples of how to restate my comments and recast my actions so that I am stronger, clearer and results in having what I want to accomplish actually being received positively by my target co-worker, staff or family member.”

Stephanie M, Newton, MA


“There are only a few people about whom I could honestly say, “I trust them with my life.” Barbara-Ann is one of them. She has been a mentor and coach to me, in various capacities, for 8 years. Even when I was her boss, she was coaching me on how to best use my skills and capabilities while getting all the “stuff” of life out of the way that kept me from excelling. She has an exceptional gift of seeing the big picture of what’s happening with me, helping me to see it, and getting to specific actions that allow change. She’s been practicing her gift her whole life—when she connects with a person, it’s one of the things she can’t help but do. I’m very thankful!”

James T.  Nashua, NH


“Often we see events of life as complicated because we grow up with a complex set of mind. When we face a simple task or have a simple decision to make, it seems the “end of the world”. It takes forever to overcome this moment and easily give up. Barbara-Ann understands one’s complex mind and the simple things of life. With these, she draws pictures to make you see the different pathways and ease in your future decisions.” 

L.H Lyon, France


 “Thank you to Barbara-Ann for coaching me on my career development.  You built my confidence allowing me to focus on the top priorities. And assisted me in keeping my emotions out of it. We worked out the best verbiage to use to convey my important talking points. I look forward to utilizing your talents again.  You are a passionate and inspiring woman.”

Laurie H. Merrimack, NH


“Barbara-Ann has the uncanny ability to speak from a “Place of Knowing”. She zeros in on the condition of the spirit and begins her work by sharing truth and empowerment. She has for me and will for everyone she touches.  I’m thankful and blessed that she’s in my life.’

Paula W. Brookline, MA